A downloadable game for Windows

Go for the score or try to grab that time PB on some point amount like 50 or 100 points.  Beat my PB of 42 points in max speed. Do you want to slow down a bit when you gotta make that clutch direction change for the reds or will you top speed MLG the reds all the way to the finish line? (editor note: finish line not implemented).

For the best experience use an arcade stick (like the ones for fighting games) or a regular controller stick will do fine too.

The game was made during a weekend when I also attended DevCon one day game dev conference and tried to get some rest in: it could be better with more polish.

J, K, L / Joystick button 1, 2, 3:  Increase speed
R / Joystick button 0:  Restart Level
WASD / Joystick direction:  Player "character" direction.

Off Limits by DL Sounds

Note: It's possible to bind the speed multiplying buttons to a single button when starting the game. Their Input names are Faster, Even Faster and Fastest on the launcher input section. For a more polished game there would be more options how to control game speed, like only press if you wanna go slower, toggle etc not to mention that the block spawn times would become faster with time. There's lot of possibilities. All I'm gonna say is sorry for the annoying controls. :> The game is fun though, in my opinion! Major win in my book.

Install instructions

Start the .exe file to play on Windows


StickMaster - Windows.zip 16 MB


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Pay attention to keyboard ghosting when you make this type of games.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll focus more on that in the future.