A downloadable overlay for Windows

This overlay offers a compact and somewhat configurable view of the raid bosses status for your account(s).

This overlay does not interact with Guild Wars 2 program in any way as it is only shown as a separate program on top of the game window and it should be ToS compliant. The boss data is pulled from GW2 official API. 

The overlay supports now two accounts but that can be increased if there is demand. Overlay hiding/showing is done with clickless mouse gesture to top right corner of your screen. Remember to read the info file! :)


I am not affliated with ArenaNet or NCSoft in any way. This is a fan app aiming to comply with GW2 Content Terms of Use.

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Planned features:

  • Grey/full colour boss icon tables (4x4) instead of text. Might look better. Maybe a toggle for that if the icons aren't noticeably better.
  • Support for up to 6 accounts.
  • Global hotkeys?
  • Bugfix for resetting unused account boss tables after weekly raid reset.
  • More graphical user interface? Messing around with text files isn't optimal.
  • More feedback: when saving position, icon when hidden on top right corner. 
  • Fix bugs with multi-screen setups?

Install instructions

Extract files and open Raid Status Overlay.exe. Settings folder will open with a settings text file you can set up with your api keys and information file you can read stuff from (inc. keybinds).


Raid Status Overlay.zip 19 MB

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